Walking in Retro Shoes Day 2 - LaQuan McDonald Protest - kenilio

Day 2 of trying to fit into old shoes (my green striped Adidas) was spent walking and taking photos of the LaQuan McDonald protest in the Magnificent Mile (N. Michigan Ave) of Chicago.

This was a true revolution by the grassroots.  Hundreds of people descended to the upscale shopping district and shut down the avenue for hours!  Not only that, people barricaded many shops (not just some, according to the news, but practically all the shops between E. Chicago and Ohio in both sides of Magnificent MIle), preventing shoppers from entering.  

It was incredible, with lots of support and no violence.

What was incredible also, was, to me, it seemed like the protest after a short rally (with Rev. Jesse Jackson) at the Water Tower (Jane M. Byrne Plaza), didn't have any direction.  People were just milling about, wondering what to do next ... and then bam!  People started to picket the stores and block the entrances.  People got energized and then another march started heading south.  

And as soon as the energy subsided, another march formed, going back north.

Finally, about a hundred people ringed the intersection of Ohio and Michigan, after which, I left to eat lunch.  When I came back, the police started to let in traffic ... and after that, I am sure, the protest petered out.  I left.  I was freezing by this time.  I had been there since 11:30 AM.  It was about 3 when I left.

Laquan McDonald Protest